Thursday, July 20, 2017

Shelter from the Storms

The driveway and steps to our front door are officially poured and 
it looks beautiful.
Today I spent all day with my girls organizing and cleaning out drawers
and closets. I am grateful my organizing bug is in my girls because
they are fine to sit on the floor with me, going over every single toy
in every single nook and cranny of the house. I am a little bit obsessed.
They sit by my side, help or talk to me, or we listen to music. 

The dark clouds rolled in today in the late afternoon, and the wind picked up.
We took a break to walk around the yard and enjoy the summer storm.
Along with the rain, loud booms of thunder shook Fox Hill.
We watched lightning flash across the valley and over the lake
as if in fast motion.

When the rain got heavy, we went inside while Lottie 
and her best friend Ada played with 
about 50 stuffed animals on the front porch, taking shelter under the roof.

I miss Christian- and my boys, but especially Christian,
(who are still camping).
I miss falling into bed after a long workday and snuggling under his arm-
safe and sheltered from all the storms in our life.
It truly doesn't matter where we go or where we live,
as long as I am with him, I feel sheltered.

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