Friday, July 21, 2017

But, Mostly Good

I got a phone call from Christian 
(who I haven't talked to since Monday since he has 
been camping with Oliver and Nicholas); they were on their way 
home and asked to meet me for lunch.
I was in my car as fast as I could, eager to see them.
When I saw Christian's truck in the parking lot, I parked my car, then 
 jumped out and mugged on each of my boys.
They were a little stinky, a little sunburned,
 a lot hungry and tired--but they looked happy. 
During lunch, they told me about their adventures, catching fish and frogs,
cliff jumping into the freezing lake,  
and wrestling in the tent in their undies.  
Sounded like a wonderful trip..." one for the books," they told me.

The boys unloaded their gear, showered up, and took naps, 
then I made pizza, and then the Little Nies watched Christian and I 
dance in the kitchen to Etta James on our record player.
Life is good, busy, and scary sometimes, but mostly good.
Happy happy weekend to YOU!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Foundations of Faith

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