Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Steady Process

Maturing as a mother is a gradual but steady process.
I can only do my best, and that's what matters. 
Each day I start again, I try harder, and am working to be more deliberate
in my actions as I interact with my children.
And, I have found that prayer is essential in my daily life,
It's the key whether the day is a success or failure.
Sometimes the day is a failure even after I have prayed- but not entirely,
because God is with me from the start, and that knowledge is everything.
My attitude is different and my thoughts are more positive.
And we can't fail with God.

I have memorized this saying over and over:
Challenges are at times and indication of the Lord's trust in you.
-D. Todd Christofferson

Lord, you can trust me.