Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Steady Process

Maturing as a mother is a gradual and steady process. 
I understand that my best effort is what truly counts. 
Every day is an opportunity for me to start again, 
try harder, and be more intentional in the way I interact with my children,
and with Christian.
Prayer is an essential part of my daily routine. 
It's the key to determining whether my day is successful or not. 
Even if the day doesn't go as planned, I take comfort in knowing
 that God is always with me. This knowledge changes 
my attitude and helps me stay positive. 
With God on our side, we cannot fail.

I have memorized this saying over and over:
Challenges are, at times, and indication of the Lord's trust in you.
-D. Todd Christofferson

Dear Lord, you can trust me.

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