Wednesday, June 22, 2016

God Always Wins

In summer, I let the Little Nies sleep until around 9:00, 
and then I get them up for our daily study scripture together. 
 I want them to be alert,
 awake, and ready to take their turn reading 
aloud downstairs at the breakfast table.
This proves to be much harder when school
 is in session and we wake up at 7:00,
but reading together is bliss since we are on summer break.
I know there is safety when we follow the words of the Lord.
My children need the protection that the scriptures provide.
I need the protection and inspiration that the scriptures provide.

I get discouraged sometimes as I browse social media or watch the news.
People make bad choices that hurt others and take away rights and freedoms.
People of all ages act inappropriately for popularity's sake.
People try to gain "followers" by saying or doing things to shock.

I know I can't entirely stop bad things or evil from touching my children,
but I can undoubtedly arm them with God's commandments and words
given to us in the scriptures.
I feel like I am constantly reminding my children:
 Bad will never be cool, and God always wins.

* * * * *
Today, Mr. Nielson and I will be chatting from the 
Missionary Training Center (MTC) here in Provo.

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