Thursday, June 23, 2016

One Summer Day at Lunch

Today, I treated my daughters to lunch, and we had a lovely time discussing
 our summer plans, like baking, swimming, and sewing. 
And we even discussed their future wedding dresses. 
Claire and Jane both have very classic tastes, but they differ in many ways, too.
While we talked, Lottie was playfully pulling Claire's hair 
and whispering silly things in Jane's ear. 
Having my big girl's love and mug on Lottie is adorable.
Charlotte reminds me of Claire when she was 
her age - animated, inquisitive, and curious. 
On the other hand, Lottie looks so much like Jane, 
with wispy orange hair, freckled arms, and tiny hands. 
When the heat outside becomes unbearable, we move inside 
to watch the old family videos we had
digitized. (Thanks, Martha!)
It's always fun to see how The Little Nies have grown over the years. 
We have recordings of each child's first few moments in the world, 
and my expressions of joy and relief after their birth. 
We have also watched Mr. Nielson graduating from college and then us buying our first car. 
We have videos of our first house in the Pioneer House
and our life in Arizona. We have captured clips of our wedding day,
 our dog Jimmy, and many adventures living in New Jersey. 
Before long, we will be filming the girls in their beautiful wedding dresses
that we talked about that one summer day at lunch.

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