Thursday, November 07, 2013


I did a lot of errands today.
Around hour three, Lottie pooped out.  
I was busy returning things, shopping for food,
 and a trip to the children's school.
Claire needed warmer shoes and Nicholas forgot his lunch.  {Awesome and typical}
 But, my favorite errand was dropping off another batch of VHS' 
and 8mm tapes to my friend Martha in California.
Martha's business has been transferring them to DVD's for me.
It's been so SO fun to show my children me when I was young and scar-less. 
 It's sometimes weird for me to see because I am still the same girl, 
but look different now. 
 I thought it would be really hard to see these, but its not.  
It's just fine, and I think its because I've accepted the new me, and moved on.  
That was a hard choice, but it was my choice and I did it.
Sometimes Lottie points to the screen and says "Mama", 
which makes me really happy for some reason.  

This whole month I am going to be a little more aware of others actions 
that make me feel grateful.
Today, it was the man at the post office who held the door for me as
 I walked in holding Lottie and the huge box of videos.  
That was a simple gesture that he probably didn't think meant that much to me, but it did.

***Good news, Martha is offering 20% off when you mention**