Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

Hey Christian, Happy Father's Day! 
We wanted your day to be extra special today, so we made your favorite foods. 
In the morning, the girls and I teamed up to make some 
delicious buttermilk pancakes with fresh cream and berries 
for your breakfast in bed. 
For lunch, the boys' made you your favorite salmon lox with arugula. 
And for dinner, I made the classic 
mashed potatoes, carrots, peas, salad, rolls, etc
and we invited The Beasley family over.

 Jane spent all day yesterday browsing Martha Stewart 
magazines and came across 
a great idea to make darling paper shirts as cards
and each Nie decorated one for you.

We attended church minus Nicholas, who was home sick. 
 I think the combination of too much last night
and too much sugar put him over the edge.
I let him stay home and sleep it off.  
Poor little dude.
The Little Nies couldn't wait to get home from church, so they 
could watch Christian open his gifts.
This year, we got him a nice, sturdy pair of overalls for the ranch.
We made your favorite dessert, peach cobbler, 
and Ollie helped me peel the potatoes while you took a three-hour nap. 

My dear Mr. Nielson, 
Thank you for being a wonderful father to our five children. 
Your patience, love, and teachings are greatly appreciated. 
We are grateful to have you in our lives. 

Also, don't you agree that we make wonderful and beautiful children together?!
Then we went to visit my father. My namesake! 
We sat on the lawn, and one by one, other siblings 
and their families came to visit.
We each shared funny memories we had of Dad growing up. 
We laughed so hard. 
 Then Lucy and I attempted to take a few photos with
 Dad and not one single image turned out.  
I am thankful for the good men in my life.  
Men who protect, provide, support, and love.

Not sure what's going on here:

"For men, fatherhood exposes us to our own weaknesses 
and our need to improve. Fatherhood requires sacrifice, 
but it is a source of incomparable satisfaction, even joy. 
Again, the ultimate model is our Heavenly Father, 
who so loved us, His spirit children, 
that He gave us His Only Begotten Son for our salvation and exaltation. 
Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man than this, 
that a man lay down his life for his friends."
 Fathers manifest that love as 
they lay down their lives day by day, 
laboring in the service and support of their families." 

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