Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Claire cooks

 Claire had to make a Hispanic dish for her Spanish class in school.
We decided on enchiladas.  I have a really delicious recipe and it's pretty easy to make too.
 She basically did everything on her own and I was just around to help her make the sauce,
measure ingredients, and stuff the tortillas with veggies and beans.

It makes me giddy thinking about Claire growing up cooking and
 feeding her little family one day.  Claire is so confident and patient, she will be 
a fantastic homemaker.  She is content being at home and beautifying her life.
Part of her assignment was to photograph her process- which I happily did.
After Claire set the table and we sat down to eat,
 I thought it would be fun to photograph all of us sitting down
 at the table eating her delicious dish.
 Of course I was the only one who looked at the camera. 
Nailed it.