Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Claire Cooks

Claire was tasked with creating a Hispanic dish 
for her Spanish class project.
We decided on enchiladas.  
I have a delicious recipe, and it's pretty easy to make.
 She did everything on her own, 
and I was just around to help her make the sauce,
measure the ingredients, and stuff the tortillas with veggies and beans.

It makes me so happy to think about Claire growing up 
and eventually cooking for her own family someday. 
She has such a calm and collected personality, which makes her perfect
 for taking care of a home. 
Making her living space look and feel beautiful brings her great joy. 
I enjoyed taking pictures of her cooking journey as part of my job. 
After she set the table nicely, we enjoyed a delicious meal together.
I tried to take a picture of everyone enjoying the yummy food she made,
but all I got was a selfie.

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