Monday, March 21, 2016

Climbing Back

I have been cleaning out my basement.  
It's fun, but it will probably take me five hundred weeks at the rate I'm going.
I start going through a box and then get extremely distracted by its contents, 
and then I find myself sitting down and looking through everything.
Yesterday, I looked through thousands of get-well cards that were sent
to me in the hospital when I was in my coma. 
I read through a few but had to stop because I was crying hard.
So many emotions, so much pain, and so much gratitude all in one sitting.
It was hard.  I'll try again later.
Then I saw a CD that read "Climbing Back".  
I took the disc upstairs and put it on my computer.  
On the disc were photos of me and my family in August 2009.
The Arizona Republic (Jamiee Rose & Cheryl Evans) came to 
Utah to photograph and write a story about me one year after my accident. 
These photos were of me interacting with my children and family and 
my epic hike to the Y.  Then I came across this sweet photo of me and Ollie.  
I remember this night because he asked if I'd lay next to him after I lay him down for bed.  
He slipped his little arm through mine and fell asleep.  
You will never know the hardship it was to connect again with my children.  
It seemed like one step forward and thirty steps back. 
I relished any attention my children would give me.  
I was willing and excited to do anything for them- change a diaper,
wipe a nose, wash or clean- I would read the newspaper to them if they'd let me. 
Although those days were so challenging, 
they hold a special place in my heart and have shaped me into the person I am today.
I am proud of my growth and progress, 
and I hope to continue to learn and evolve.

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