Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Love it When...

I love to hear my children's voices throughout the house.  
I love to listen to them run up and down the stairs.
I love it when the hamper upstairs opens, and I can hear
loads of clothes drop from above into the laundry room.
I love hearing the children sit at the dining room table, talking
to each other while finishing homework.
I love it when the boys run out to play as soon as their homework is done,
and the girls stay inside to linger with me while I make dinner.
I love it when the sun goes down, and the boys come home hungry minutes later.
I love it when we all sit together to eat and discuss the highlights of our day.
I love it when, after dinner, everyone runs into the living room to play, 
leaving me with all the dishes and clean up.  
Just kidding, that's the worst; we are working on that.
Seriously though- 
I love it when I feel content, 
tired and fulfilled all at the same time.

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