Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wound care.

Miss B. came to the house at 10:00 am to do wound care.
Wound care is when I sit in a comfortable chair nakie as Miss B. rubs my burns with olive oil. We laugh and talk about her new house, the paint colors she chose and the Macaroni grill-must have something to do with the oil she slathers on my body.
Mr. Nielson and the children are in Arizona eating fresh citrus and packing up the house. I miss them all terribly.
Now I am off to the PT. G-dogg who works on my hands will terrorize me until I cry. Then says he is sorry and I feel much better.
Kirk will help loosen my limbs as we chat about once upon a time when we both instructed skiing at Sundance.
Shane will show me how to "work it" strutting myself across the PT floor (my favorite part is watching him!!). Soon enough I will say goodbye to C-3PO and walk normal. Can't wait.

Sorry no photos. My hands can't quite pick up a camera yet.