Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coming back

Last Night Mr. Nielson slowly walked through my door.
I could tell he was sad. He had just packed up our 4
life in Arizona in a moving truck.
He told me how sad it was to say goodbye to our back porch, where
 many meals were served.

Hard to wish for the beautiful 2-story tree house he constructed with
 his own two hands good luck in hopes the new owners won't
tear her down out of that awesome mulberry tree.

Mr. Nielson lay next to me in tears. He smelled like the cologne
I had offered him for Christmas last year in the house.
"I sprayed it on before they boxed it up...reminds me of Arizona...reminds me of you."
He softly said. "The kitchen was lifeless without you."
Every evening, music would fill the kitchen, and the children and
 I would dance until Mr. Nielson came home.
The children would rush outside and ask for rides on his
motorcycle-even before I could kiss him.

Life in AZ was a treat. The sounds, smells, neighbors,
 family and our home made us so happy and content.

Mr. Nielson has returned to snow-lots of it.
Gray skies feel depressed against the snow-capped Wasatch mountains
and I couldn't help but urge for Mesa right with him.
A new life has been promised here and
I can't wait to play with the children in the bounty of snow.
Someday I will dance with them in our new kitchen
and even vacuum with the new vacuum that
Mr. Nielson got for our new home on Briar Avenue.
There is still hope.

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