Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wound care.

Becca came to the house at 10:00 this morning to do wound care. 
Wound care is when I sit in a comfortable chair naked while Becca. 
rubs my burns with olive oil and other weird-smelling ointments.
 We laugh a lot and today we talked about her new house and the paint colors she chose.
We also talked extensively about The Macaroni grill.  
I think that had to do with all the oil she was slathering on my body.
Then I mentioned that The Macaroni Grill sounded good and she immediately called
my mom (since Mr. Nielson and the Nies are in AZ), and told her that I had a craving.
ANYTIME I say something sounds good it magically appears.
Apparently, I am really skinny and am in desperate need of calories.
 Mr. Nielson and the children are in Arizona eating fresh citrus and packing up the house.
Sometimes I can't believe my life.  I'll miss our Lazona Estate and the Mullberry Bungalow,
and my dishes, and the kid's rooms, and the mailman, Donald.
I just miss my old life!!
It just up and changed in a sudden instant.
It's weird to move away from a house and life I used to have.
 Now I am off to the PT, G-Dogg, in the hospital who works on my hands until I cry.
 Then says he is sorry and gives me a little break until I feel much better. 
Then he's at it again.
Kirk will help loosen my limbs and we'll chat about once upon a time
when we both instructed skiing at Sundance.
 Shane will show me how to "work it" strutting myself across the PT floor 
(my favorite part is watching him show me!!). 
Hopefully, all this work will allow me soon enough to say goodbye to 
my C-3PO gate and start to walk normally again. 
 Can't wait. Sorry, no photos. My hands can't quite pick up a camera yet.
Plus, I'm not quite ready to show much.
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