Friday, January 16, 2009


It's true.
I am alive.
I look different.
I walk slow...and type slower.
But it's good to be back!!
How can I thank you all?!
I don't think I can.  All the letters, e-mails, stories, toys for the kids, clothes artwork, dolls, love, donations, and all your prayers!!
I will thank you all soon enough, but for now (excuse me, I need to take my 6000th pill for the day),
I will share with you a photo of my hands. 
They are tightly wrapped in what we burn patients call "Juzos" 
or compression garments, and they hurt.  Everything hurts.
Boy, do I have some good stories for you....(raised toilets, special-looking underwear, and stuff like that).

Really, thank you all. Tears gush every time I think about the support from you all.
I LOVE YOU's to a new Nie!

...but not so different.

This photo is of Mr. Nielson in his blue burn gloves helping me to I said, not so different from before the crash.  By the way, I will start endearingly refer to my life before the crash "BC" and life after the crash "AC". 

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