Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween aftermath.

When Halloween was all said and done, we examined the damage. Two colossal size bags full of treats and a rather large bowl of leftover candy we passed out sat on our kitchen table. It was so much crap I was so unsure what do, so I did what any normal mother would do; I ate a few crunch bars and threw the rest away.
Oliver was our mushroom. When we started out for trick-or-treating, Ollie roughly made it to three houses before his night came to a haunting halt. He was out like a zombie.
Claire and Jane acted like they had been trick-or treating there whole lives. Running from house to house insisting Christian and I stay as far away from them as possible. Claire would say
“Mom and Dad we can do this, we don’t need your help!”
While trick-or-treating, Claire of course did all the talking at the front steps and people thought my kids were so dang cute they became generous with the goods.

I really wish my kids weren’t so cute sometimes. Sometimes.