Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Text Me When You Get Home

 Today was our last day with Page, and 
us gals all hit a 7:00 am Barre class together.
Her first Barre class.
We went home and lay around until noon, when we
packed Page up and headed to Culver's for a late lunch.
(Seven Harvest Veggie burgers, please!)
The stars lined up, and our favorite doctor and friend, Craig, 
happened to walk in at the same time, 
he was grabbing lunch before his shift,
so we all ate together.  Perfect!
 After my accident, Page relied on Craig, who was our good friend but also
 in his medical rotation in the burn center.
He would keep Page and my family updated on our conditions.
It was a HUGE blessing that Craig was around during that time.
God is in the details!
He is so good!
And so is Craig.
I was emotional dropping Page off.
I was so grateful she came out, and we had some time
together to talk, sort, and work on our relationship.
My kids love her, and she genuinely loves my kids.
I'll see her soon when I drop the girls off at school in August.
I love that my girls will have her close.
She's a great aunt, listener, and support.

 I yelled to her as she was wheeling her suitcase in the airport,
"Text me when you get home."
"I will, Stephy!" She yelled back.

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