Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Old Photos

 Today's activities included looking at old photos 
on Page's phone, including:
1. Me, probably 10 years old, after a horse show
 in front of Page's house in Provo.
2. The girls and my Mom before my brother, 
Andrew's wedding in 1996.  I was 15:
3. Courtney, Lucy, and me in our kitchen.  
I love the four gallons of milk on the counter.  
Typical kitchen scene in the Clark home.  
I was 17, with my trademark short hair:
4. Me, age 9, Lucy, age 6, and my Mom at Page's wedding
 in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Later in the afternoon, we went swimming at our favorite secret water spot
in all of North Carolina!
We spent the rest of the evening jumping off the
 dock and floating around in the 80-degree water!

We got home in time to see Gig's NEW (old) car!
He's saved up for this beauty for years!
Congrats Gigs!
(DRIVE SAFE!!  My mommy heart is dying).

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