Monday, June 24, 2024


 We really put a full day in today.
Our day started off touring both the UNC and Duke campuses.
We visited the Duke University Chapel
where we toured the crypts and listened to the organ play.
We had lunch on campus.  It was pretty impressive.
(it ain't no BYU Cougareat, sorry, Jane.)

We sent Claire & Gigs, who were MISS YOU photo:

On the way home, Page and Lottie were in the backseat, 
taking a million photos on Page's phone with some fancy apps.
Lottie's dreams were coming true.
This is Lod's love language, and Page is really patient.
On the way home, Lottie asked Page if she wanted
to see the new Inside Out movie.
In true Page fashion, she enthusiastically answered, YES!
Then, before we knew it, we were on our way to the movies.
Christian and Jane dropped us off; we were the only ones in the theater.
The movie was surprisingly really sweet.
Christian picked us up, and we drove straight to see Gigs at work.
Page was eager to see him working the goats.
He showed her the milking parlor, the babies, the bucks,
the cheese room and the duck pond.
Page fed a baby then tasted cheese and bought some
to bring to her daughter Vivian, who LOVES goat cheese.
I'm sad to report that I DO NOT LOVE goat cheese.
We got home late just to see the fireflies buzzing around.
we went to bed.

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