Thursday, June 27, 2024

Forty Three, I Like Me!

 Today, yours truly turned 43.
Happy Birthday!
It's wild to think where I was when I turned 33!
( Living in FoxHill in Provo, Utah)

And 23!
(Living in East Brunswick, New Jersey, with 2.5 children)

And 13!
(Headed into 8th grade at Dixon Middle School
in Provo, Utah)
And 3!
(Living my best life in Provo, Utah, I'm sure!)

But let's focus on just 43.
Where I am living the most amazing life in Pittsboro, North Carolina
 with four of my five children.
I've grown so much.
I like where I am.
I like what I believe in.
I like my life.
I like me.
Say it with me:

This morning, I went to a Barre class with my girls,
we sat on the front porch playing with Kitty,
and the Nies gifted me with a beautiful painting of
a hen gathering her chicks.
I love how the Savior compares Himself to a hen who bravely
gathers her chicks to safety from evil.
I've always loved that imagery.
There are five chicks in the painting.
My five chick Nies.
My heart!
What a beautiful, thoughtful gift from my chicks.
Christian took such good care of me for the rest of the day.
We went out, got treats, went shopping for some
new exercise clothes, and went to a movie (Quiet Place.  I LOVED IT).
The one thing I can say about my life is;

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