Monday, June 30, 2014

Thirty Three And Happ-y!

Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!
I have a feeling that this year will be my best yet.
I took this photo of myself because I wanted to always remember 
that the day I turned 33, I was very, very happy.
After lunch at Cafe Rio, my dad, Mr. Nielson, and I 
along with the Little Nies 
(minus Lottie, who was asleep back at Fox Hill with my mom)
 went on a little hike up Rock Canyon.
We listened to my Dad share stories of when he was younger
and his experiences among the same mountains.
He's a good storyteller.
His birthday is in a week, and he'll turn 70!

 Then, I found this cute photo of Claire on my phone.  
I think she looks just like me!
What will she look like at 33??

It's lovely to be on the earth celebrating another year. 
I am grateful for the love I've received through calls, texts, 
and visits. I am truly blessed and will always remember 
how loved I felt today.

And also, thanks to Megan for making me this
  delicious raspberry lemonade cake:
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