Sunday, June 02, 2024

An Egg Is Quiet

Last week, thirteen adorable baby chicks hatched
 and joined the world! 
Welcome, little ones!
We incubated the eggs, and as planned, 

Years ago, Elder Pace, the general Sunday School President
made some thoughts on chicks
that really resonated with me, especially since raising chicks
with my children.
President Pace said he has raised many chickens in his life. 
He said he still enjoys watching the miracle of baby
 chicks hatching from their eggs.

He explained that the chicks have to crack the shell 
and hatch on their own in order to build strength in their young bodies. 
If an outside force — like an impatient chicken farmer — attempts
 to help the baby chick by breaking the egg for them; the baby chick 
stands little chance of having the strength it needs to survive.

“Faith, diligence, and patience have no alternative for our emergence
 from our spiritual shells,” he said.

Parents can give their children many things, but a testimony
 is not one of those things, he said.
They can, however, teach correct doctrine and create an atmosphere
 where the Holy Ghost can testify.
I hope to create this atmosphere in my home.
It's my purpose; it's my joy.

Love this little poem by Emily Dickinson:
"An egg is quiet,
Its shell is smooth,
Its potential hidden,
A world to be."

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