Monday, June 03, 2024

One Season At A Time

 Today marks the last week of school!  Yippeeeee!
This is essentially Gigs' last summer.
Next summer, he'll be preparing for his mission,

Today, Gigs left early for school to begin finals.
It's going to be a busy week for that rising senior!
Good luck, Gigs!

I spent the whole day working in the garden while Sunday frolicked 
around the shed, and in and out of the garden.
At one point, she caught a young mole and then
took a nap on my gardening gloves.

I planted my Mother's Day zinnias, dahlia's poppies,
and a variety of colorful yarrow.
I am super excited about the harvest!
I also planted corn, beets,
pumpkins (of course, pumpkins), parsnips, and tomatoes.
Initially, I only wanted to plant flowers in my newly mulched
garden bed, but I was talked into planting a "few vegetables."

After planting, I took off my overalls and cooled off on the
porch with kitty climbing all over me.
Then, I started adding beautiful tulip varieties to my cart for 
fall planting.  

Whoa, one season at a time there, Stephanie!

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