Saturday, June 01, 2024

Last Dance

Tonight, I took Lottie to the park across from school for her end-of-year school dance. 
She dressed up, but not too much, wearing Vans and socks with her dress.
Jane did her makeup and put cute green glitter over her eyelids.
I watched as Lottie and her friend, M, met up with other 6th graders
and then they blissfully walked across the street to the school for the dance.
She is so adorable and so confident!
I love that so much about her!

Just as I was leaving, a limo, complete with a chauffeur and a red carpet. 
pulled up, and I watched 
as ten 8th-grade boys in suits show up to the dance.
I also saw lots of girls in super, super fancy prom dresses.
I'm so grateful Lod is only in 6th grade.
I'm not ready for her to get older, and I hope she 
never wants to dress like a Barbie at school dances.
Meanwhile, back at home, everyone was making burritos and 
engaging in a very intense conversation. 
Jane is the most animated talker I know, and if you get her 
going on something she feels deeply passionate about, you will definitely know.

 This photo is a typical Friday night at the Nielson home.

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