Thursday, May 02, 2024

Haircuts All Around

After school, Lottie and I took to the swing to relax before the dinner shift
where, once again, she begged me to let her cut her hair.
I've been saying no because she has such beautiful, thick red hair
and I feel like it should be long.
She adamantly disagrees.

I was that grade-schooler with the short hair.
For some reason, I kept cutting my hair super short because
I thought cutting my hair would make me look like Demi Moore in Ghost.
I ended up looking more like Dorothy Hamill in 1980 something.
I was a scrawny 11-year-old who was often mistaken for a boy, and
I often regret that period of my life.
It wasn't until puberty hit IN HIGH SCHOOL, did I feel
confident with short hair.
But the truth is, Lottie has lots of confidence and is very comfortable
in the way she looks and acts.
It's refreshing and inspiring.

And hair grows.

So I set up an appointment for next week.
Also, I scheduled a haircut for Gigs, too!!!!!!!!
We've been looking for options:

He's not super jazzed about a haircut, but it's SOO time.

Angus, you're next!

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