Friday, May 03, 2024


 Friday! Yay!  Welcome!  
Today was Claire's day off, so we decided to hit a Barre class together
then we quickly rushed back home because our friend Morgan Jones Pearson,
who is the host of the popular podcast All In, interviewed us for
a special Mother's Day episode.
I love this podcast because Morgan interviews people who share their feelings on
what it means to be ALL IN the gospel of Jesus Christ.
(Morgan recently interviewed coach Andy Reid, and it was fire.)

Morgan asked us about the accident, especially Claire's perspective, and
she was eloquent and clear with her words and descriptions
of what she remembers and has gained from her experiences.
I was so touched.

We also talked about our relationship as mother/daughter.
But, she's more my bestie.
Later, after school, (and a nap), Claire took Jane and Lod to the mall.
(For posterity's sake, Jane HATES HATES shopping).
But they did what sisters do together and had fun,
I mean, they came home happy (and with treats).

You can listen to our podcast HERE.

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