Wednesday, May 01, 2024

A & B

 Wednesdays are my favorite days because:
A. I get to watch Lottie at horse lessons. 
She is adorable, and I can see her confidence shining out 
as she learns to control her horse.  
I see it in her body language. It's really cool.
I'm so proud of her. 
 Today, her instructor, Megan, asked her if she'd like to try her lesson
using a Western saddle.
I think Christian was more excited about her as a Western cowgirl,
 but she said she preferred her English style.
(I do, too, Lod!)
B. Jane is at home making dinner while we're at horse lessons.
As I mentioned before, she's cooking through her Pinterest board.
She has years' worth of food and recipes she's pinned, and she's finally
cooking now that she has a little more time in her life.
Tonight, we had a really yummy salad and veggie skillet pancakes
with some kind of delicious orange sauce.
(I need to get official names from her to do it justice).
And that's why Wednesdays are the best.

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