Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Why Did The Turtle Cross The Road?

 This morning, as Jane and I pulled up from Barre, 
Jane opened the door to get out, and Muppet, 
our hen jumped right into her lap.  
We had a good laugh. 
Later, on my way home after picking up Lottie from school, 
I was probably driving at 60 mph
 when I almost hit a slow-moving turtle that was crossing the road. 
It's turtle season, which means we see a lot of turtles wandering around 
looking for food or places to lay eggs. 
Unfortunately, we also come across a lot of turtles that have been hit by cars. 
I stopped my car, backed up, opened the door, and rescued the turtle. 
Lottie was thrilled and named him Marcus. 

I told Lottie that she could play with Marcus until sunset, 
and then she would have to let him go. 
She spent the whole afternoon feeding him and building him a house 
using sticks and flowers. 
At dinner, she took him near the pond behind the
 house and set him free. Marcus wandered off into the wild. 
As I kissed Lottie goodnight, she told me that she had 
written her name on Marcus' shell using a Sharpie 
so that she would know him if he ever came back to visit.

I really hope he does.

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