Sunday, April 07, 2024

With The Lord's Help I Can Do This

This is what I loved and learned most while listening/watching hours
 and hours of conference: It's all about Jesus, 
and it's all about our personal relationship with Him.
It's about our devotion to Him, what we are willing to give 
and give up for Him.
It's the promises and covenants we are willing to make with Him,
 and it's our devotion to Him. 
By prioritizing our relationship with Jesus, we can find that
 our questions are met with clear and direct answers
perfectly tailored to our situations.

"I believe if you could remember who you said you would help 
while you are here on earth, or what anguishing experiences
 you agreed to go through, that whatever really tough situation you are
 presently in—or will be in—you would say, 
“Oh, now I remember. Now I understand. 
This difficult situation makes sense to me now. 
With the Lord’s help I can do this!”"

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