Monday, April 08, 2024

Solar Welding

Seven years ago, in 2017, I viewed the solar eclipse together with all the Nies.
We were living on the ranch and we used Christian's welding masks to 
see the beautiful solar phenomenon!
On both days, 2017, and today, Christian happened to be welding and happened
to have his masks out, and I just happened to return home from exercising
right in time to view it,
AND, it just happened to be the last day of Spring Break, which
meant everyone was home!
 What are the chances of all these happenings?
If we didn't have the welding masks, I don't think we would
have been able to see this celestial miracle! 
 Around 2:00, we noticed the sky started getting darker, and things felt eerie.
Shadows were sat differently on the trees and the lawn, 
and Stillestead was noticeably quieter.
We texted Claire who was at work and told her 
that we were outside looking at the eclipse
(with the song, Total Eclipse of the Heart on repeat blaring on the porch)
She told us the hospital had given out glasses to everyone
to view the amazing sight! 
I was happy to hear that because I heard that we won't see another occurrence
of the solar eclipse for a few years.

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