Saturday, April 06, 2024

If You Love Jesus, You'll Love Conference!

Last week, I prayed for an opportunity to share the good news
of General Conference.  I wanted to be able to tell someone about 
this extraordinary gathering of Saints who want to hear God's voice!
It's really such an amazing weekend.

Yesterday morning, the girls and I stopped by Trader Joe's
after our Barre class and filled our cart full of delicious food 
for the weekend.  A man approached us and asked us what we were celebrating,
and I got to tell him about conference weekend!  
He asked all sorts of questions about it, too!
Here I was, standing with my two beautiful returned missionary
daughters talking and sharing our love for Jesus.
I said, "If you love Jesus, you'll love conference!"
Then I said I hoped I'd see him again so we could discuss it.
He said he'd like that.
I made our traditional conference Dutch Babies for breakfast, followed by
a huge charcuterie board to graze on during the next six hours.  

In between the afternoon session and the evening session,
we made a quick run out to grab dinner (Gigs had to work).
I love my beautiful daughters!

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