Friday, April 12, 2024

Run In The Blood

 For Lottie's birthday, we gave her horse lessons,
 and today was her first lesson!
She's a natural!  
Her horse, Baylee, was such a gentle sweetheart 
(and 30 years old! Perfect for first-time lessons!)
I didn't want to be a helicopter mom, but I also wanted to watch her as she
saddled the horse, ride, rise & post, and learn proper horse commands.
So I hid in the bushes.  
Just this first lesson.
I LOVED horse lessons as a young girl (about the same age as Lod).
And I LOVED my instructor, Candace; she was college-age, calm, and fearless,
and I consider her one of my greatest mentors.
She had a way of making me feel good about myself, 
and the way I worked with my horse.
Candace prepared me to show in competitions, 
and that was such a cool chapter of my life.
I want Lottie to feel this same confidence in herself.
Her instructor, Megan,
is just as fearless and wonderful as Candace was to me
and I think Lod will love it.

Besides, horses run in our blood:

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