Thursday, April 11, 2024

Nothing Can Replace A Sister

 Today, Claire started packing for her 2-week medical mission trip in Ghana!  
She's been planning this trip for nearly 6 months, 
and tomorrow she's finally going!
Lottie stayed home from school today (obviously sick),
and sat curled up in her tortilla blanket on Claire's bed, surrounded
by clothes, luggage, shoes, food, and other things while Claire packed.
 I could hear them laughing and listening to music.
From time to time, I'd check in and give my opinion about which sunglasses
or fanny pack she should bring, help fold clothes to fit in her backpack,
 and then die a little inside thinking
that AGAIN, both sisters would leave for college in late August
leaving Lottie the lone sister.
At least she's got me!
Even though I know NOTHING can replace a sister.

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