Tuesday, April 23, 2024


This evening, we picked up Claire from the airport after her life-changing,
amazing medical mission to Ghana.
On the ride home, we heard stories and saw photos of where she was,
and what she was doing.
When we arrived back home, Jane was busy preparing
 a scrumptious dinner. She has been cooking her way through
 all the saved pins on her Pinterest board, 
and every week she cooks a meal or a treat.
 I am definitely not complaining!
Lottie had been eagerly waiting for Claire's arrival and 
 when she saw Claire, she yelled, 
"Girlie!" - which is what they call each other.
They all hugged and screamed like little girls.
(They are still little girls, aren't they?!)
Claire pulled out gifts she had lovingly picked out for all of us.
All I wanted was for her to stop at Pierre Hermé
 to get the most amazing macaroons while she was in Paris.  
She did!  She brought me home a box of mouthwatering macaroon goodness.
She didn't even eat one...not even to sample it.
I was shocked.
I would have bought me a box just for the plane ride home!

Then we ate them all in one sitting.
It was very un-French-like, I know.
Then we ate Jane's delicious veggie pot pie she made
and turned out amazing.
I told her to keep this recipe pinned on her board.

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