Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Their Babies Will

Today, I spoke with my friend, Morgan, who is having her second daughter
in a few months, and her girls will be 17 months apart.
I can relate.  Claire and Jane are 16 months apart and have the
sweetest sister relationship.  

In February of 2003, in the middle of a chilly night, 
I went into labor with Jane. Before heading to the hospital, I stood over
 Claire's crib in tears, silently saying goodbye to her. 
I whispered to Claire that I had to leave her to go to the hospital
and when we'd see each other next, she would get to meet her new sister, Winnie 
(that was when we had planned to name Jane 'Bronwyn'). 
After kissing Claire on the forehead, I left her with my sister, Lucy
then Christian and I sped to the hospital.
We barely made it.
That's another story.

I felt so guilty about cutting Claire's babyhood short.
She would be the big sister now, even though she was still
a baby in diapers sleeping in a crib.

As I watched them interact, it became clear that it was a blessing for 
Claire to have a best friend and permanent buddy. 
They did everything together, from sleeping in the same crib
 to sharing clothes and changing dress-up multiple times a day.
They'd get in the tub together, 
and were even on the same nap schedule. 

In some ways, they are still sharing everything,
occasionally sleeping in the same bed so they can watch Bridgeton together,
share clothes, and come home from working out to fall asleep on the couch.
They laugh at funny memes and speak in Portuguese when they
want to be secret.  
They don't share a tub anymore, but I bet one day their babies will.

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