Monday, April 22, 2024

We Know Better

This evening, Jane and I took Angus out for a walk in the green fields
to visit Christian, who was outside working with the cows.
We talked about dating, boys, and her plans to cook 
through her Pinterest board this summer. 
We also discussed how to stay strong and 
trust God when things don't go as planned.
We both have friends who have chosen different paths taking them 
away from God, and sometimes,
it seems like there is no difference between choosing God
and choosing the world.  In fact, sometimes it seems like
choosing the world is easier.
But we know better.
We know there is power, protection, and peace in having a
covenant relationship with God.
We have seen it.
We have felt it, and we choose to live it every day.

Jane has become one of my best friends, 
bringing her positive light and love into my life.
Her perspective is bright and optimistic. 
She has faith, and she believes and trusts God.
I love her quick wit and calm (and often spicy) demeanor.
It's a different season when daughters become more like friends-
that you buy toothpaste and favorite granola bars for.
Upon returning home, I discovered four ticks 
on my jeans and two under my shirt. 
Jane had three on her as well. I dread tick season.
Here is my favorite talk from Jane's stake conference talk last week:

"I am a substitute teacher, and on Friday, I substituted for
 a math teacher who was very obviously Christian. 
He had choir music printed out on his desk, and scriptures scribbled on sticky notes.
 I didn't meet or speak to him directly, but he inspired me, 
and I copied out one of my favorite scriptures from the Book of Mormon, 
Jesus Christ’s own words, and left it on his desk along with the
 address of the chapel and what time we meet on Sundays. 
The great thing about the Savior's instruction to 
‘preach the gospel to every creature’ is that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. 
My sticky note scripture sure wasn’t, but it was an invitation to come unto Christ. 
Jesus is always the answer. Jesus is the universal language.
 He bridges gaps in age, culture, and life experiences. 
This is why I share the gospel."

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