Saturday, April 20, 2024

A Ray Of Light

After General Conference earlier this month, 
and around the dinner table, our family shared
with each other, our favorite talks, and the inspiration we received.
Jane told us her favorite talk was one called 'Pillars and Rays,'
by Elder Alexander Dushku.
It was a beautiful talk about God's light and our personal relationship with Him.
We learned that Elder Dushku also served his mission in Lisbon, Portugal.
I thought Jane was going to cry; she felt so connected.

A few days later, Jane was asked to speak at the Sunday session of stake conference
and was overwhelmed and excited when she heard Elder Dushku
was going to be visiting our conference!
She was asked to share her talk about missionary work and her
dedication and love in those 18 months of her life.
Elder Dushku and his wife, Jennifer, had a lovely visit with Jane
and our family.  We all felt so honored.
It was a tender mercy for Jane to have this experience.
I also shamelessly name-dropped Elder Oliver Nielson as an eligible 
suitor in nine months for one of the Dushku daughters.
(Did I really do that?)

On Saturday, Jane, Christian, and I attended the two-part adult session
 and met Gigs and Lottie
in the park next to our church building in between sessions for dinner.
We sat in the back of the car, eating our favorite veggie burgers.
Next to the gas can.  

"May we recognize and receive His glorious light and then choose 
Him over the darkness of the world—always and forever."
-Elder Alexander Dushku

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