Friday, April 19, 2024



This morning, after waking up, I went into Lottie's room to make sure
her alarm had gone off, and she was getting up.
When I opened the door, she was wide awake in her room, 
immediately telling me to "shush."
Then she said, 
So I did, and I heard music playing.
I looked at her, and she nodded to me.
"Do you know what this is?" She asked.
"No, what?" I asked.
"It's Taylor Swift's new album," She replied.
"Oh, that's so cool," I said.  "It came out? How is it?"
"I'm only on the second song, and they sound the same
but that happened with Midnights, too.  It will get better."
She said to me while getting out of bed.

I think that Taylor Swift has a distinctive style.
And some may argue that her songs sound the same.
 (I'm one of them, sometimes).
But the truth is, each song is interesting to listen to,
with artful words and emotions.
Despite not identifying as a 'Swiftie,' I must confess that 
I genuinely like her music and appreciate her talent.

On our way to school, I couldn't help but snap a quick pic
of Lottie taking a photo of the car display. 
You see, Taylor's new songs were playing, 
and it just felt like a moment worth remembering.
Maybe for posterity's sake.

Then my friend Camille sent me a photo of Lottie
at the school awards ceremony, where Lottie was recognized for
good grades.  
I had no idea about this and felt like a bad mom for not going.
But good job, Punny!

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