Saturday, March 02, 2024

No Boys Allowed

Early this morning, Christian, Claire, 
and I went on a little hike together before Claire's 11:00 shift in the ER.
 There are some cool trails to hike near the hospital.
We discussed her plans, like PA school, work, 
moving to Utah with Jane in August, her glorious future, and boys.
She's ready to seriously date.
But only men.
No more baby boys who aren't serious about life,
marriage, and family.
Arizona dealt her a few tough cards, and she dated some real doozies,
and she's so over that and always was.
Claire has always been 30-something.
Seriously, on her 5th birthday, she actually turned 33.
She's so mature in every aspect of her life.
She'd be the first to tell you that Arizona was hard,
but at the same time, it was also so therapeutic and healing.
Working at the Arizona Burn Center helped her discover
emotions that inspired her to grow and do hard things.
She experienced feelings she didn't even know she was harboring 
specifically about the accident and the aftermath 
of that abrupt change almost 15 years ago!
There is a man somewhere out there who is aspiring to be the best partner 
for his future wife and family. 
Claire will find him, and they will be perfect for each other because
throughout their lives, they have both diligently prepared 
for this most important decision.
I'm grateful for the boy I married who turned into a man
and never looked back.

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