Sunday, March 03, 2024

Mission Possible


This evening, our church stake congregation organized a 
Missionary prep fireside, where they interviewed full-time and service missionaries. 
They also invited Jane to represent the returned missionaries,
 and let me tell you, she was absolutely amazing!
She has such pose and grace, and anytime she opens her mouth
goodness, truth, and love come out.  
During her 18-month mission in Portugal, she attributed her success
 to being obedient to the mission rules and God's commandments. 
She emphasized that it was not "her" mission but the Lord's mission 
and that she was fortunate enough to serve for Him and His children. 
This perspective was refreshing and so well said!

Gigs was in the audience with us, and I hope it inspired him.
He's got one more year until it's his turn.
Missions are hard, and it's not like you wake up 
and decide to serve one day because you are bored or need an adventure.
  It's a lifetime of preparation, dedication, and hard work.
It's full-time service for the Lord.
Gigs will be such a good missionary.
He's already very compassionate and loving to people.
Unlike the other Nies, who are homebodies and get homesick easily,
 he will thrive living away from home.
He'll miss us but will love being away for a season.
He's always been that way.

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