Friday, March 01, 2024

Mentally And Physically

 Tonight, Gigs walked through the door from work at 9:56.
Lottie and Jane were already in bed, and Claire was still at work.
We had veggie burgers for dinner.
Since it's getting warmer, I cooked the burgers on the grill, and we ate
outside on the porch table but didn't stay long out there since
the evenings are still pretty chilly.
The Spring weather is showing off!  
Flowers are popping around Stillestead, and everything is greening up.
But, back to Gigs.
He wandered through the door after taking off his disgusting-smelling
goat pee-stained overalls and jacket, then he
plopped down at the table where the burger I saved him was waiting for him 
(with chocolate milk.  He loves chocolate milk).
He took three bites and then fell asleep.

He took the ACT today, too, poor kid.
It's been a busy day for him, mentally and physically,
and I think he just crashed.
I woke him up, and he looked at me, looked at his food
and with glazed-over blood-shot eyes, said to me,
"Mom, I stink."
I said, "Yes, son, you really do.  Go get in the shower."

Happy 111th birthday, Nana Aurora, in heaven!

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