Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Snoots And Books

 When Lottie came home from school today, 
she was holding a little fuzzy creature in her hand
and smiling ear to ear, and she couldn't wait to tell me all about it.
It's basically a fuzzy worm with two googly eyes glued on.
And she's obsessed.
One of her friends gave it to her, which changed her life.
Then she spent 15 dollars of her babysitting money to buy a 40-pack
on Amazon.
I couldn't stop her.  I tried.
They come in the mail on Saturday.
Tonight, around dinner, she pulled out some of her dollhouse furniture
for her little snoot (that's what she's calling them).
He, too, enjoyed the homemade ramen and tofu I made for dinner.
I love Lottie and the weird little things she loves so deeply.
Speaking of weird...
Earlier today, Jane and I went to our storage unit to retrieve boxes of her stuff
I discovered a book in a box called 'The Jupiter Game.'
It's an older book; I think it was written in 1991
I picked it out at the book fair in 1994 in 7th grade, and my world changed,
which is weird because it's about magical, mythical powers
and could possibly be borderline witchcraft, but as a 7th grader, I was enthralled.
I also think I was into it because it was the first book I ever bought with
my own money and in the library at the book fair.
I felt really grown-up.

Anyway, it had been a while since I had seen it, 
so I brought it home to read to Lottie.

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