Wednesday, February 28, 2024

All In Good Time

 This afternoon, Jane and I sat on the front porch in 
the glorious Spring weather
and waited for Lottie and Gigs to get home.
My Spring daffodils are popping up everywhere!
Minutes later, the car bumped along the dirt road and into the driveway.
Out of the car popped two happy-to-be-home-from-school kids.
Lottie immediately picked up hen, Muppet, and brought her on the porch,
dropping her backpack and sweater on the lawn.
 Then she told us about all the 6th-grade "tea."
It was good.
One of her friends was dared to kiss (on the cheek) a boy.
Lottie was so animated as she told us how her friend actually did it!
She couldn't get over it!
"Mom, she actually kissed his cheek, like in front of all of us!
Can you believe it?"
"I didn't have my first kiss until I was 16," I told her. 
"Can you believe it? That's a lot older than you right now! 
There's no rush."  I said half-teasingly. 
She squealed back in response, 
All in good time!
Right now, she's still a baby, isn't she?

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