Monday, February 26, 2024

Suddenly, There They Were

This girl.
I love this girl.
She is faithful and strong and works hard.
So hard!

"The prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen were among rocks near the tops of mountains. 
That must have been partly because I worked so hard to get there, 
for something else. And then, suddenly, there they were."

Suddenly, Claire, you'll go 
to the places you've wanted to go, with the people you 
want to be with, and do what you want to do
because you have a pure heart with pure intentions,
and I know the Lord trusts you.
You're going to do only good with what He blesses you with
because you look ahead, you plan, you prepare, and you 
"Wait upon the Lord" with a patient and willing heart.

You deserve a nice long nap!

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