Monday, February 05, 2024


Gigs made a startling discovery today when he noticed 
that everything on top of his dresser
was disorganized, and things tipped over.
He walked over to the dresser and followed the trail of chaos to 
one of his sweatshirts on top of one of his terrariums.
There, he discovered Candace curled up, sleeping.

I wonder if she's had an exciting, wild couple of weeks in the 
Stillestead indoor wilderness. 
I wish I could know where she went, what she did, 
and if she made any friends along the way.
I speak for the family when I say that we 
 can all sleep better now, knowing she's back where she belongs.
And props to Jane, who was willing to hold Candy while
Gigs rearranged and secured her cage.

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