Saturday, January 20, 2024


 I went upstairs to grab Nicholas's dirty clothes to 
put in my laundry load and noticed a little jar had been 
tipped over that was on top of Candace's cage. 
FYI: Candace is Nicholas's Ball Python snake.
As I picked up the jar, I found it funny that I didn't notice it 
was on the floor the day before when I was vacuuming the room. 
I was pretty confident that no one had gone upstairs after me. 
Suddenly, my attention was drawn towards a crack, 
probably a few inches big on Candace's cage. 
It was then that I realized Candace was missing.
She had slithered out of the cage sometime yesterday and is GONE!  
In her haste to escape, I think she knocked over the jar.  
I felt as if someone was watching me, ready to strike at any moment.
 I'm scared that I might see her slithering around the corner, 
hiding in the laundry basket or even under a pillow. 
That's why I've decided to quarantine his bedroom until he returns on Tuesday.
We have to find her before Jane comes home on Friday,
"Welcome back, Jane! Just a heads up, there is a snake loose in the house. 
She likes to hide under pillows and blankets, so just be a little careful."

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