Friday, January 19, 2024

Where Is Your Coat?


Today, after work, nurse Claire checked on my ear
then picked up Lottie from school, where the two of them 
went to grab pizza to kick off the weekend!
I've been in bed all day, catching up on some work/blogging
 and generally resting.
I remembered how much I hated being sick.
At first, you think, "Hey, a couple days of rest in bed sounds nice."
but I think my accident ruined that novelty for me, and now 
it's just feels claustrophobic and annoying.
I have too much to do.
Gigs flew to Utah with his FFA group for a conference.
He's excited to go back "home," see the mountains,
Umi, and maybe a few cousins.
His friend, Ian, came over last night, and they hung out until 2:00 am
when they left to go to Waffle House before meeting
the group at 3:30 am at the high school to catch their super early flight.
I hope they got some sleep on the plane!
Later today, I went upstairs to turn off the lights he 
left on before leaving the house (typical boys!) and
I noticed he didn't take his coat like I reminded him to do 30,000 times.
It's UTAH in January!!!!! 
Why tell me WHY do teenagers hate wearing coats?
They look soooo silly when it's like 20 degrees outside and all
they have on is a lightweight hoodie.
I'll never understand.
I hope he stays warm!

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