Thursday, January 18, 2024


In June, after a day at the beach, I noticed a weird spot on the tip of my ear.
It felt like a sunburn blister, and I thought nothing more of it.
But it never would go away, and I would pick it, and the more I did
that, the madder it got and the bigger it would come back.
Around October, I felt like this was more than just a sunburn blister,
but I didn't want to hear that maybe I had cancer and was going to die.
So I put it off.
Claire was moving back, the holidays were approaching, and no
one needs bad news then!
Earlier this month, I visited my dermatologist to have it checked out. 
A biopsy was taken of the growth on my ear that had
 turned black with visible veins. 
The biopsy results revealed that it was Basal cell carcinoma, 
which needed to be surgically removed. 
The surgery was finally performed yesterday. 
To cover the chunk of skin that was removed, a skin graft was taken 
from an area near my ear that was fortunately not affected by burns. 
Unfortunately, this area and ear were the only parts of my face 
that were not affected by my burn injury, and now match the
scarring on my whole face.

I'm resting now, bandaged up and a little agitated.
But, seriously, I've been through worse.
I'm going to be wrapped up for a week with bandages
stitched to my ear.
I'm praying the bandages will be gone, and the pain better
when we pick up Jane in a WEEK!
OOJ has come to a halt while I heal a little more.
I've got four more "to-do" things on my list before
Jane comes home!
We're on the home stretch!


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