Tuesday, February 06, 2024

The Creatures

Here is my quick Stillestead update on the creatures:

Baby Calves are weened-
(except one, Stevie, because his weening nose ring came out)

All the mamas are healthy, especially #28, who looks like a buffalo
roaming the frontier.  I hear that's a good compliment!

One of our Easter Egger mamas laid her first BLUE egg!
I was so thrilled!
We used to get 7 eggs a day, but recently, we're only getting 3 or 4. 
We think the hens are broody, and the eggs
are in a pile somewhere.  We're on the lookout! 
It's like having an Easter egg hunt every day!
Every day after work, Gigs begs me to let him bring home
a goat from work.
I keep putting my foot down.
But I also wouldn't be surprised if he came home with one.
He told me that his FFA teacher is really nice (since I am apparently really mean)
 and will let him bring a goat to the FFA facilities at school.
More power to ya!
This morning, I woke up to a cotton candy sky.
It was glorious.

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